Pink Fiya Nation

Igniting... One flame at a time!

Mission and Vision Statement

Established in 2013, Pink Fiya Nation is a sisterhood of women leaders in the community who will get together to empower each other and others. We like to think of it as a sorority for adult women.


We are aiming to become a leader in the community and beyond. As such, we are looking for professional women to join our movement. Since we take pride in offering the best of the best. We are only interested in the best of the best.


Our MISSION is to help women around the world that are in need, nondiscriminatory of race, creed, or economic status. 


Our VISION is to provide a sisterhood that will nurture and empower women’s minds, body and spirit by connecting them to a means of networking, fellowship, and support in a judgment free atmosphere.








If you are a woman looking to do more in your life, this is the place for you!


If you are a woman who would like to get out more and see new things, this is the place for you!


If you are a woman looking to promote your business and help others promote theirs, this is the place for you!


About the Founders

In 1994 Rozetta Marie and Nikki Brown met in their high school lunchroom.  The two young ladies instantly clicked when they realized they shared the same dream of conquering the music industry.  Together they went on to do great things as lead singers of the group “Shades of Innocence.” 


Although they have had minor industry success their lives has always harmonized with each other and most of the major events in their lives have been in sync, such as, the birth of their children being 2 months apart, they shared a moving truck when relocating to Philadelphia, and both decided to move back to NYC where it all started.  During this time they have developed a sisterhood which has lasted for the past 19 years. 


Recently during dinner the two talked about creating an organization where women can come together and have fun and do things that support their talents as well as their dreams.  While they both still have a desire to create in the music industry they also wanted to share their sisterhood and resources with the world, therefore Pink Fiya was born.

Drea Nicole

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Drea Nicole formerly known as Nikki  Brown has always had the heart of an entertainer.  Being a singer/song writer since she was 8 years old, Nikki would rewrite popular songs and teach it to her classmates in the lunchroom.  At that time she didn’t think she had a gift it was just fun. As an adolescent she began to realize that her talent could be special so she began to perform in various churches for her teachers, family, and friends. During this time she had the privilege of performing in various places like City Hall for the former mayor of New York City, Mayor Dinkins along with the Sheepshead Bay High School Gospel Choir.  After transferring to Brooklyn College Academy to complete her high school education, Nikki met her musical soul sister Rozetta Marie. 


Over the years Nikki went on to do several solo projects before landing a gig with a cover band called Love Is God (L.I.G.).  This is where she realized that her gift had the power to reach people's heart. After a wonderful stent with L.I.G. she moved to Philadelphia to concentrate on family life. Shortly after giving birth to her second child the she began missing their home town so she ended up moving back to Brooklyn.

Now sign to A-Train Music to help with her musical career she has been busy after being interviewed on several public access television shows, headlined her own show at The Iguana in NYC twice, opened up for the R&B singer Mario and release her hit single "Disclaimer" on the We Have Arrived, Vol. 1 compilation album which is available now on  In addition to music she has also signed on to Plus Size in The City as one of their featured models.  Regularly you can catch her every week praising the most high at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Darren A. Ferguson as well as on as the co-host of the famed #Don'tDoDatDummy talk show.

Quote: "Dream Big and Go Hard!"


For as long as she could remember, Rozetta Marie has always had a passion for working in the entertainment industry. This spicy, ex-military, multi-talented, Panamanian/American Gemini has earned plenty of industry credit as a modern dancer, actress and vocalist. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Rozetta Marie was first recruited by the National Dance Institute when she performed in dance at venues such as Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center under the instruction of the late, great Jacques D'Amboise. She then went on to explore her passions in theater and music where she earned opportunities to sing for major productions in the background chorus at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, opened up for major artists such as Vicki Winans and Houdini, and was casted as the lead vocalist for an Off-Broadway play "Gospel of the Harlem Renaissance" directed by the late, great Titus Walker of the Ujamma Black Theater.

More recently Rozetta Marie has released her 2nd ever single titled CAGED ANIMAL, November 1st 2016, under distribution by OAG Management.


Rozetta Marie has had many great highlights in her industry career, but one of the best was singing in a duet with her lifetime friend and now God-mother of her daughter, Drea Nicole. Nikki has become her best friend and now her business partner. The 2 entrepreneurs also recently (in the last year) launched and aired regularly their newest creation Dont Do Dat Dummy radio show.  With all of her current projects and minor industry success, Rozetta Marie still managed to earn her Bachelor’s degree in accounting and experienced the greatest highlight of her life... the birth of her daughter, Leiloni Marie Braddy. Leiloni keeps her busy with her own industry success in film making, acting and fashion, so Rozetta Marie definitely has her hands full.


Pink Fiya Nation is finally something she can call her own along with her current recording career. Life is very busy, but this is exactly what she wanted.


Words that I live by: “Neglect Not The Gift That Is In Thee…” (I Timothy 4:14)