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The Don't Do Dat Dummy Show
Hosted by:
Pink Fiya Nation (Nikki Brown & Rozetta Marie)  and 100 Stackz (Dizzy Spadez & Detox Jones)
Friday Nights @ 9pm - 10pm on Elegant Hoodness Radio

Topic: Bad Gifts
What's the worst gift you've ever received?

Topic: Sex On Demand
Should you give your mate sex anytime they want it, even if you're not in the mood?

Topic: Men vs Women on Child Support and Custody
Do we tend to judge men and women differently when it comes to these 2 topics?

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!!
Topic: Black Americans vs Black Caribbeans:
The differences, similarities, and stereotypes that separate us.

Topic: Unprotected Sex, HIV, and the Charlie Sheen Story

Topic: What's Your Definition of Dating?

Topic: Can Marriage or a Baby Save a Broken Relationship?

Topic: Retaliation Cheating

Topic: Secrets Part 2: Do You Really Want to Know?
Featuring our guest, Marz the Lady Lover aka Jeremy Wrenn

Secrets UNCUT!!!
See what REALLY happened during our breaks and behind the scenes!

Topic: Secrets Part 1
When do you reveal your true self?

Topic: What's Worse Than Cheating?
In a committed relationship, can your mate do something to make you leave them, that's worse than cheating?

Other Hot Topics




Kanye West Clothing Line



Topic: The Dog House

Why do women tend to use the method of the doghouse to punish their men?


This was  a 2 HOUR SPECIAL!
Since there was no show on 9/18, we had the honor of running a 2 hour special. Bringing you 2 TOPICS!

Topic # 1: Why do people get tattoos of their mate's name?

Topic #2: Whbrought to us by a fan on Facebook!
****Unfortunately these episodes are no longer available. If you would like us to re-air these topics LIVE, please write to us via the form to the top left. You may also submit your own video story to [email protected]****

Podcast:  Episode 1
Topic: What are the different levels of disrespect in a relationship?
Subtopic: Social Media


#DontDoDatDummy Trailer # 1

FEATURED Street Interviews

Subway Wars: Don't Touch My Bag

Period Sex or Nah
Ladies... Would you have sex on your period?
Gentlemen... Would you have sex with your woman on her period?

Condom Masturbation:
Should men masturbate in condoms?
Is that normal?

Is Chivalry Dead?
(Random guy on the train speaks out against dead chivalry)

The Representative:
Watch our interview with Boxer Charles Martin and his coach Jamal

Love and Hip Hop:
Can an industry relationship really work?